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The entire process was fantastic working with Gastonia Concrete. Very good communication and workmanship. I had an approach, a small patio, 3 concrete slabs, and 4 sidewalks. All work was completed efficiently and fairly. Wouldn't think twice about using them once more in the future.

Peter Hodgson Avatar Peter Hodgson
July 27, 2022

When they poured some concrete footings for me a few months back, they did an excellent job. They arrived on time, had a positive attitude, and responded to all of my inquiries. The job looks great, and they didn't leave a mess. They'd be my first choice for any upcoming projects! It's amazing what having a positive attitude, showing up on time, and producing quality work can do for your company.

Jerry Grace Avatar Jerry Grace
August 20, 2022

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Stamped concrete is hard to get right, and easy to get wrong, so you need to be careful when choosing a contractor. That’s where we come in, as North Carolina’s most trusted concrete specialists, we can offer a premium stamped concrete service, right here in Gastonia, NC.

What Is Stamped Concrete?

Sometimes called decorative concrete, stamped concrete is created to look like a stone, brick, tile, or even a wooden floor using different patterns and colors on the surface of the concrete or pavement. When an installation is done professionally, it is difficult, sometimes impossible, to tell the project apart from the real thing.

What this means is that you get all the benefits of a concrete patio, sidewalk, pool deck or driveway while getting the aesthetic beauty of a real stone finish.

When creating stamped concrete, contractors will mold the wet concrete using specialist mats to stamp or imprint the concrete, hence the name. Getting this right is no simple task, which is why you want someone with lots of experience performing this critical step. Luckily for you, we have that experience and know just how to make stunning stamped concrete.

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    The Benefits Of Stamped Concrete

    Concrete is incredibly durable and offers an exceptional lifespan. If laid correctly, your new stamped concrete, whether it be a driveway, patio, countertop or interior floor, will last an incredibly long time.

    You get that durability at a price point that other materials can’t compete with. Concrete is really long-lasting but also more affordable than, say, solid stone.

    Another added benefit is the high level of customization that is afforded with stamped concrete. You can choose the pattern you want but also the color and the texture, leading to a truly custom finish.

    A great, often overlooked, benefit is the low maintenance of a stamped concrete patio when compared to a patio finished by pavers or with stones. Because the concrete patio doesn’t have gaps in between each stone, there are no areas for weeds to grow. This can be a real problem with brick patios and requires constant attention, but not so with a stamped concrete patio.

    Stamped Concrete Pros & Cons


    • Lower cost than traditional options
    • Highly customizable
    • Low maintenance
    • Incredibly durable


    • Hard to DIY and should be done by a professional
    • Needs to be sealed by a professional sealer

    What Stamped Concrete Designs Are Available

    It may sound cliche, but when it comes to stamped concrete, your design choices are almost infinite. There are tons of different concrete stamps available which affect the appearance and style of the concrete.

    Stamped Concrete Gastonia NC

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    That’s not all, because the color of the concrete can also be changed. And there are so many choices, tints, and custom mixes that can be made here. Almost any color is possible. This is where the uniqueness of stamped concrete really comes in. Due to the number of different stamps and color combinations, you end up with a really personalized and unique finish. Your home will stand out from all the other driveways and walkways in the neighborhood.

    For some people this may be a little overwhelming, but worry not. Our design specialists can help you through the process and share ideas and inspiration with you. This means you get exactly what you want, even if you are not quite sure what that is yet at the best value.

    Commercial Stamped Concrete in Gastonia, NC

    Pattern and texture solutions for prominent pavements employing stamps as design elements

    For flooring and pavements in high-visibility commercial locations, which are far more demanding than residential settings, stamped concrete is the right material. They are durable, as are all concrete pavements, and they are not easily damaged by the wear and tear that comes from vehicles and pedestrians. It is possible to make them slip-resistant so that customers and passersby are not hurt. Stamped concrete is a versatile material that may be used in a wide variety of design schemes, from traditional to cutting-edge.

    Stamped concrete patio Gastonia NC

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    Vertical Wall Stamped Concrete

    Other Ways to Use Stamped Concrete

    There are many different ways to use stamped concrete for your business or residential projects. As a professional concrete contractor company, we have the paving materials and products to give homeowners the curb appeal they desire, or help businesses stand out amongst their competitors.

    Other stamped concrete uses not mentioned often include a:

    • Vertical Wall
    • Outdoor Kitchen
    • Bar
    • Table
    • Bench
    • Garden Planter
    • Entryway
    • Fountain
    • Concrete Seat

    Gastonia, North Carolina Stamped Concrete Installation

    Numerous applications exist for stamped concrete. It could be laid on a patio, driveway, or walkway in your outside space. Stamped concrete is a long-lasting investment with visual appeal when installed by our skilled craftsmen. A boost in both the home’s value and its visual attractiveness can result.

    You can improve the visual appeal of your backyard patio, driveway, walkway, or any other project by using stamped concrete. It’s cheap, and you can tailor it to your exact specifications in almost infinite ways. Let our team of professionals help you choose a custom layout that is tailored to your needs.

    In terms of concrete contractors, no one does a better job than us in Gastonia, North Carolina. Please contact us today for a no-cost quote on your upcoming project.

    So if you are thinking about getting a stamped concrete driveway, patio, sidewalk or even fireplace, then contact us to find out more about this exceptional product.

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      Stamped Concrete FAQ

      Is it reasonable to invest in stamped concrete?

      Installing a stamped concrete patio or driveway is an expensive project, leading many homeowners to question whether or not it is worthwhile. The short answer is “yes,” as it will increase the value of your home by increasing its visual appeal to potential buyers.

      Are the costs of stamped concrete comparable to, or lower than, those of regular concrete?

      Poured and stamped concrete is typically less expensive than other options in the beginning.

      How long does stamped concrete typically last?

      Stamped concrete has the same lifespan as regular concrete (about 25 years) if it is properly built and maintained. The reason for this is that the methods used to set up stamped concrete are not dissimilar to those used for regular concrete.