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At Gastonia Concrete, you get a lot for your money. Such quick, efficient work at a reasonable cost. Additionally, the professionalism is unmatched. After remodeling our home and collaborating with... read more

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August 6, 2022

A great local business, courteous, excellent work, and came highly recommended.

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August 13, 2022

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Expert Concrete Contractors Gastonia NC

Are you looking for concrete pouring in Gastonia? Our company, known as professionals and one of the top concrete contractors in North Carolina, can help you get the job done!

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    Concrete Services

    Any concrete slab can be transformed with stamped concrete to match the feel and decor of your home. Get more information from an expert Concrete contractor.

    Driveways are subjected to a great deal of wear and tear, so it’s critical that yours is built to endure the abuse of daily use, including the weight of heavy machinery and heavy foot traffic.

    Gastonia Concrete offers specialized concrete patios and pathways for a long-lasting, resilient, and visually beautiful living place.

    Concrete surfaces are continually being attacked by the environment, necessitating repairs. Let the Gastonia Concrete construction crew and staff restore the quality of your concrete!

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    Your Go-To Solution for Versatile, Eco-Friendly, and Affordable Concrete Work in North Carolina

    The versatility of concrete is highly valued in Gastonia and throughout North Carolina.

    There are numerous concrete options available, including stamped, colored, stained, and polished concrete. You can also use concrete goods that have been engraved, stenciled, or embedded, whether for residential, industrial, or commercial purposes. Whether you’re looking to install a new driveway for your home or improve a sidewalk in your neighborhood, customers and businesses alike are turning to professional concrete contractors in Gastonia for affordable pricing and stunning results.

    Concrete is environmentally friendly, making it a popular choice in Gastonia. Whether you need to remodel your home or require a professional on-site to ensure the work is done properly, consider going the concrete route. Searching for “concrete companies near me” and finding Gastonia Concrete is your first step towards getting the highest quality concrete work!

    Concrete floors are remarkably easy to maintain and keep clean!

    Contact our knowledgeable, experienced, and professional concrete contractors today. Gastonia has the skilled laborers and workers to complete your concrete construction work in a timely manner at an affordable price. If you have any inquiries about installing or repairing concrete, we are pleased to respond promptly. As one of the most reliable concrete companies in NC, Gastonia Concrete is your #1 choice for quality work at the best price!

    Construction using concrete is a specialty of Gastonia Concrete. Our solutions include:

    Stamped Concrete

    Would you like to give the exterior of your home a unique look without undertaking a major building project? If so, stamped concrete is a remedy that is unquestionably worthwhile. We at Gastonia Concrete offer this particular treatment, which is aimed to add more beauty to the façade of your building using plainly designed concrete.

    Stained Concrete

    Your standard floor surfaces will feel and look like natural stone after coloured concrete is added. Simple yet fashionable!

    Decorative Concrete

    This method can be used on both newly installed concrete and concrete that has already been placed. Is the concrete you have brand-new? It’s no trouble! We may consult with your designer to deliver the finest outcome possible given your goals. When creating the surface of your beautiful concrete floor, let your imagination go wild! Call us right now.

    Stamped Concrete Gastonia NC
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    For a free estimate on your concrete repairs, installation or maintenance, call Gastonia Concrete Today!

    Concrete Driveway Estimate: How Much Does it Cost to Install One in 2024?

    Decorative paints and coatings can range from $8 to $18 per square foot for a concrete driveway. The cost of installing a basic gray concrete driveway is between $5 and $7 per square foot. Concrete is an excellent choice for creating the appearance of stone or pavers without the hefty expense. You can create a look that is one-of-a-kind in Gastonia, NC that complements the curb appeal of your property. Getting estimates from concrete driveway contractors in your area is the best approach to figure out how much your project will cost. However, here are some average price ranges for ornamental concrete to assist your budget:

    How much does a concrete driveway replacement cost?

    You should anticipate to pay around $1.00 per square foot for tear out and removal of your existing concrete, in addition to the installation prices mentioned above. There could also be additional disposal fees. We make things easier by providing a free consultation.

    Asphalt is initially less expensive than concrete, with installation costs ranging from $3 to $5 per square foot vs $5 to $7 for plain gray concrete. Concrete, on the other hand, may be the more cost-effective option in the long run. Concrete is more durable and requires less maintenance than asphalt. It can survive for decades, but asphalt only lasts 10 to 15 years before it needs to be replaced. Concrete has a variety of repair solutions that can extend its life even further. Using masonry to install a brick driveway can also be cheaper, but also does not last as long as concrete.

    Concrete Driveway Estimate - Gastonia, NC
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    For a free estimate on your concrete repairs, installation or maintenance, call Gastonia Concrete Today!

    Why Choose Us

    Expert Paver

    The process of choosing the right driveway paving company can be a difficult one, but it is important to take your time and do your research in order to find the best possible company for the job.

    Decorative Concrete

    Cement is a binding agent that is used to bind together materials, such as aggregate, to create concrete.

    Concrete Leveling

    Concrete leveling is a process where a concrete contractor will use a specialized piece of equipment to raise sunken concrete slabs. This is a common repair for sidewalks, driveways, and patios. The process is relatively simple and does not require the demolition of the existing concrete.

    Low Cost Concrete

    Our company is the best choice for your concrete needs because we are experts in the field and can provide you with a beautiful, low-cost walkway that will enhance your home's curb appeal.

    Flatwork Authorities

    We have experience in concrete paving and we can provide you with a beautiful, low-cost walkway that will enhance your home's curb appeal.

    Flawless Construction

    We pride ourselves on the work we do. Gastonia Concrete uses the best, most efficient equipment, from the concrete trucks to the wheelbarrows we use to do our expert clean up. With all the jobs and sites each worker has completed over our company's history, you can feel assured you're getting only the best work for your home or business!

    Concrete Patios

    Concrete patios are excellent additions to your outdoor space, and when combined with creativity, you can bring life to a barren outdoor space. For even more gorgeous outside spaces, consider stamped concrete patios. Call us right away to speak with one of our experts about the price of a stamped concrete patio.

    The durability and long-lasting use of concrete is one of the main benefits of choosing it for a patio over another material. One of the most popular designs that is less expensive than stone pavers is stamped concrete. You may get the appearance of brick or real stone for less money by using stamped concrete and skipping the masonry.

    Concrete Repairs

    We specialize in all kinds of concrete repair at our business to help with your home improvement. We fix things for both homes and business buildings. Call now to get started!

    Concrete foundation installation and maintenance are our company’s areas of expertise. Call us right away for a free estimate on installing and repairing a concrete slab foundation.

    Concrete repairs
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      Concrete Floors

      Concrete Flooring

      From a straightforward concrete flooring extension for the new family member to a warm concrete flooring for an outdoor living area, our attention to detail ensures that you get the best installation and craftsmanship possible.

      Epoxy Flooring

      Your flooring will have a high gloss finish that is exceptionally resistant to scratching, chipping, and even strong chemicals when you choose epoxy flooring.

      Gastonia Concrete Services

      If you live in Gastonia, we also offer concrete services in these areas:

      • Apple Creek, North Carolina
      • Arlington, North Carolina
      • Boogertown, North Carolina
      • Burton Hills, North Carolina
      • Cramerton, North Carolina
      • Currituck, North Carolina
      • Dallas, North Carolina
      • East Gastonia, North Carolina
      • Gardner Park, North Carolina
      • Hutchinson, North Carolina
      • Junker, North Carolina
      • Lowell, North Carolina
      • Lucia, North Carolina
      • Mcadenville, North Carolina
      • Monticello Woods, North Carolina
      • Mount Holly, North Carolina
      • North Belmont, North Carolina
      • Ozark, North Carolina
      • Ranlo, North Carolina
      • Ravenwood, North Carolina
      • Smithville, North Carolina
      • Smyre, North Carolina
      • Spencer Mountain, North Carolina
      • Springwood, North Carolina
      • Weddington, North Carolina
      • Westchester, North Carolina
      • Woodbridge, North Carolina

      Located in Gastonia, NC

      One of the greatest areas to live and work in the area is Gastonia, NC, which is a short drive from Charlotte and offers the perfect balance of size, livability, and location. One of the largest communities in the Charlotte metropolitan area, Gastonia is the largest of the 13 municipalities that make up Gaston County. Gastonia’s enviable quality of life—selected three times as an All-America City—is the consequence of its stunning natural surroundings, welcoming neighborhoods, responsive government, and thriving business climate.

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      Concrete FAQ

      What do you call someone who installs concrete?

      A professional tradesperson who places, finishes, protects, and repairs concrete in engineering and construction projects is known as a concrete finisher. Setting the concrete forms and making sure they have the proper depth and pitch are frequently the responsibilities of concrete finishers.

      How can I pick a reputable concrete contractor?

      Advice on How to Locate a Reputable Concrete Contractor: Do your homework, seek out recommendations, and ensure that everything is documented. Compare Prices, get the Correct License, measure Your Interactions, and more. To find experience, ask for a list of references.

      Are concrete contractors labor-intensive?

      Finding a business that can deliver great services is extremely difficult, and becoming a concrete contractor is a difficult job. As a concrete contractor, it is our duty to be aware of the parameters of our assignments and our obligations to our clients.

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