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Darnell and his crew installed a new concrete driveway for us, the last week of June. They were very professional from start to finish. Darnell was very clear and courteous in his communication concerning the job.

~Teresa Schiavoni


Darnell and his entire crew were very professional and responsive during our driveway project. I would definately use them again.

~Kevin N

What is Concrete and How to Properly Repair It

Concrete is a man-made material that is used in construction. It can be made of various materials such as cement and aggregate or other material.

Concrete has the ability to be molded into different shapes and forms, which makes it a versatile building material. The strength of concrete is determined by its compressive strength and its flexural strength.

Concrete can be repaired by using different methods depending on the type of damage it has sustained. These methods include:

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    Google Reviews
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    Concrete repairs Gasonia NC

    Concrete Crack Repair

    Surface cracks in concrete are usually caused by settling and freeze-thaw cycles. These flaws may be so minute that they distract the viewer. The surface may become riven with large fissures and chips as these cracks spread outward. If you see a fissure in your concrete, don’t hesitate to give us a call. If you need us to come and fix something, we can get there today. Your new counter top or driveway will be ready for use the following day. Maintenance is the key to keeping concrete in good condition. Thankfully, maintaining its long-lasting qualities doesn’t demand much work on your part. As crack repair is so cheap, there is no excuse to neglect your concrete floor.

    Concrete Resurfacing

    Before we can resurface your concrete, we must first clean and repair any damage. Before applying the resurfacing compound, we pressure wash the area with a 3500 PSI machine to remove all of the grime, oil, and grease as well as any deteriorating concrete. It’s likely that the driveway and sidewalk will be in poor condition if you’ve purchased an older home. These flaws in the home’s structure can make it look less than its full value. Let the skilled workers at Gastonia Concrete renovate your house. Participating is easy and enjoyable. A friendly salesperson will come to your house armed with a measuring tape and a stack of brochures to show you different options for your home’s interior.

    Concrete resurfacing Gastonia NC

    Different types of concrete repair

    Concrete Settlement

    Just what is “concrete settlement”? Simply put, concrete settlement occurs when the soil beneath a concrete slab loses its ability to support the weight of the slab. Concrete driveways, patios, garage floors, and so on sink and crack over time as the soil they rest on shifts.

    Concrete Delamination

    Delamination occurs in concrete when the surface paste layer peels away, leaving a gap between the surface and the rest of the slab. When troweled concrete is placed on a chilly subgrade, as occurs in the early spring and late fall, this problem can arise. Separation occurs mostly due to increasing daytime temperatures but can occur at any time depending on concrete qualities and finishing techniques.

    Tools needed for concrete repair

    Concrete Patch

    Concrete is prone to surface cracking. Joints strategically placed in concrete aid encourage controlled cracking, emphasizing the material’s fragility. Nevertheless, if a fracture appears anywhere else on the surface of a walkway, driveway, or patio and isn’t properly repaired, the concrete may start to crumble all around it.

    In order to successfully repair concrete cracks, you will want the best concrete patch available. Cement, polymers, and other additives make up these compounds, which are used to seal cracks and build strong bindings with concrete surfaces. The patches are undetectable since they may be seamlessly blended in with the surrounding surface with the right tools.

    Concrete spall repair Gastonia NC

    Concrete Spall Repair

    Spalling occurs frequently in concrete and manifests as flaking, peeling, or chipping away of the surface. It’s the outcome of a fragile and easily damaged surface, and it goes by the name “scaling.”

    When it comes to spalling caused by moisture, sealing is your best bet. You should apply a penetrating waterproofing sealer to freshly poured concrete 28 days after it has been placed, and then again every few years.

    Spalling can also be avoided by using the proper concrete mixture. To protect against freeze-thaw cycles, air entrainment proves to be especially useful. These air cells allow for the expansion of water vapor when it freezes, thereby reducing the pressure within the concrete. Find out more about admixtures that boost performance.


    The increased traffic in commercial areas makes regular maintenance a must. Nobody wants a customer or worker to hurt themselves by stumbling into a deep crack. You cannot afford to take on this risk from a legal standpoint. In general, people are more careless with other people’s possessions than they are with their own. Since they have nothing to lose, they are less likely to exercise caution and are more likely to engage in vandalism. Document and photograph any areas of failing concrete. When we get there, we’ll fix everything without slowing down business.


    A chipped countertop is an eyesore. Gastonia Concrete has skilled craftspeople who can create a smooth floor in minutes. In a matter of hours, you’ll have access to the area. Cracks in the driveway can be a safety hazard and an eyesore for your home. We’ve seen cracks in concrete big enough to trap a foot. In the event of an accident at your party, such as a guest tripping and injuring themselves, you will be opening yourself up to claims of negligence and potential legal action. Wish you the best of luck in getting the city to fix the sidewalk. If you want a brand-new sidewalk without the hassle of bureaucracy and a lengthy wait, have some local concrete experts do the work for you.